Remodeling House Before and After

Rather than spending big money on a full living room remodel, check out these three quick, cost-effective ways to make the room better, fast.

1. Re-arrange Everything

This is the easiest, most low cost option. Re-arranging your furniture and television can make your room feel new. And, if you do it correctly, it can even make your living room feel and look bigger.

It can be difficult to visualize new lay outs with your furniture still in the room. You can move the furniture and appliances out, or, you can just move them to one wall or the center of the room.

Then it will allow you to see the room’s potential.

Move the couches, chairs, re-position your radio and television. If you have too many sofas, take one out. Many people buy couches that are way too big for their house. This makes an already small room feel even smaller. Try going with a minimalist look.

If you have to keep them, move tables and make use of wall space. Shelves give you vertical storage and frees up ground space.

2. Add Stone or Glass

This is a bit alternative, but, adding glass or stone tiles to your living room can really give it a full facelift. While stone and glass tend to be relegated to back splash areas in your kitchen, they can also be put on your living room walls or floor. It gives the room an exotic feel.

The one drawback is the cost. These materials can be costly. But, you can shop around and find some that are reasonably priced. Place them on the floor in a new design or on the border of the walls or ceiling. You can also tile half or the entire wall.

3. Paint

Painting may seem very basic. However, a good paint job can make your living room look bigger, brighter and more open.

If you live in a home without a lot of light, painting dark colors will only make the problem worse. Switching to a bright paint can really make the room feel lighter.

If you want a darker, more mellow place to relax, go with a warm color. It will make the room darker but if that is your goal, go with it.

Painting the ceiling a different color than your walls will make the space seem more open and larger. Painting the same color is recommended for large rooms because it will make small ones feel even smaller.

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