Interior Design | Living Room Decorating Ideas

Whether your living room is traditional, modern, or a happy medium between the two – it’s important that we create a space that is both well designed and pleasant to be in. Regardless of whether or not you use your living room for entertaining, many families spend a lot of time in the room, and since it is your home – you should feel great about spending your evenings together in the living room. If you feel like your living room could use a facelift – don’t start looking into giant remodeling projects just yet. There are plenty of small, simple ways to add interesting detail, a pop of color, or new decorative elements to the room without breaking the bank.

Adding detail to any room is something that’s going to enhance the overall visual appeal of the room and make it more interesting overall. If your living room is modern, chances are that you have a simple, two or three toned color scheme. Keeping the color palette small in modernly designed homes is extremely important, but many home owners forget that you can still make these simplistic rooms fun and interesting. By adding stenciling to something as simple as the coffee table, you’ve instantly created a uniquely designed item that will play off of your modern theme and create a positive contrast. By ensuring that you don’t go overboard with detailing and you keep the color palette small, you can make a big impact with a little bit of design in a simple room.

Adding a pop of color is also a great technique that works with both modern and traditional style homes. When dealing with the traditional side – adding a metallic to a neutral colored room can give the room a beautiful shine. If your living room is a variety of tans and browns, adding metallic gold accent pieces on the coffee and end tables can give the room a totally updated look. If you’re looking to add a pop of color in, say, a modern black and white living room – choosing to go with a bright color can give you that fun and funky vibe that so many modern home owners strive for. By choosing a reasonable amount of red, green, or even yellow accessories for the room – you can instantly brighten things up and add a bit of spark to an otherwise dull space.

Finally, if you’re bored with the current look of your room – simply switching things up could be all the change you need. By rearranging furniture patterns and enhancing the space by purchasing some new accent pieces for the room – you’ll barely be able to recognize your old living space by the time you complete the project. Doing something as simple as changing your lamp shades can give your room an entirely different look and feel, and if you’re looking to make a bigger impact – considering an area rug is a great way to set the mood in the living room. Although they seem like minor changes – they’re small, inexpensive ways to liven up a living room that you’ve grown tired of.

So whether the idea of a living room remodel is absolutely out of the question or you’re just interesting in breathing some new life into a worn out living room – following these simple guidelines can help you achieve an inexpensive and quick fix to your current gripe.

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