Redoing My Room!

Your bedroom is your inner most private place where nothing from the outside world reaches you and you are able to let go of all worries and troubles of this world and immerse yourself in peace and bliss. This place needs to have your signature in terms of the d├ęcor and should be able to make you feel relaxed instantly upon entering your bedroom.

There is a lot more that you can do with colors in your bedroom. Just by changing colors and bringing in combination of vibrant hues can alter the entire look and feel of the bedroom. Depending upon your mood you can choose between pastel shades in monotones or mix of dramatic and earthen colors to create a passionate setting.

Color therapy believes that certain colors evoke certain feelings in the mind and also affect the body. For example, using shades of red can evoke a passion and bring out a subtle aggression in your body coupled with increasing heart rate and metabolism. It streamlines your energy and makes it flow with grater intensity. Blue gives you the feeling of a wide expanse and helps you get defocused and relaxed completely.

But then think twice before using strong colors like red, for it might increase your energies to be at all time high and you end up not being able to sleep. You might end up eating or snacking at night and find that your diet has gone for a toss.

But if you believe that you want the same effect for some occasions only and not always, then you can use pillows, bed sheets and other bed linen to create the same effect whenever you want and put them away at other times.

Lighting is another aspect that can help you transform your bedroom into a fantasy place. You can play with spot lights or soft lights illuminating certain spots while the rest of the room is dark giving it a mysterious and inviting look or use diffused soft lighting to create a soft light which is romantic.

Onyx lamps, subdued lights, white light, spot lights and diffused lighting with various lamp shades etc can be used in combination to create the right kind of ambience that you wish for your bedroom.

Romance is a mindset and the mood is enhanced by the outside atmosphere that is prevailing in your bedroom too. Romance is also an emotion that gets heightened by the surrounding space, light and ambiance. Create the right balance and you can enjoy the romance in your life.

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