Extreme Bedroom Makeover

You can transform your master bedroom into your dream paradise with the proper remodeling work to make it look current in terms of function and appeal. In addition to this, the manner by which you handle and maintain your master bedroom will have a significant impact on the intrinsic value of your home.

There are several options that you can consider with a budget of $1000 or less.

You can start your remodeling project by focusing on the look that you want to have for your master bedroom. There are some people who prefer to go romantic or even old-world inspired in their overall theme, while others go for a contemporary or hi-tech look. Regardless of your preference in design, there are several important tips and tools that you need to have in order to achieve the desired look of your master bedroom.

Before you start work on the decorations of your master bedroom, you have to paint it first. You may also consider including feng shui in the remodeling equation, as more and more home owners are performing this Chinese art of correct positioning of fixtures and design elements before decorating their dream oasis. When planning the remodeling, you can consider using 2 to 3 colors. The wall just behind your master bed must be painted with warm colors such as pale yellow, light blue or light green. Dark colors are in most cases not appropriate in the master bedroom as they come out a bit too harsh. Ideally, the ceiling must be painted in white.

You can start by purchasing a 5-gallon paint of basic white which normally costs around $25. Check out the tint selections as you may find your desired color choices at very cheap prices. The estimated cost for a complete repainting job of your master bedroom should not go beyond $150.

In order to achieve that romantic element in the overall design, you can use comfortable furniture in that will enhance the atmosphere of a dream personal escape for you and your partner. One of your best picks is a wicker bench which you can position near a large window. You can buy one from your local furniture store for about $100.

One of the best decorating ideas for your bedroom remodel is the placement of the master bed within the sight range of the door, but slightly off to one side. This is consistent with the feng shui requirement, if it is included in your range of considerations in the overall design. Lighting is another critical variable. If the prevailing climate in your place is warm, then it is a good idea that you include a ceiling fan with light in your master bedroom remodel. You can easily find this type of ceiling fan of good quality for just about $100, but it is also wise if you can invest on a high end brand to enhance the overall look and value of your master bedroom.

Your bedroom can also be lighted by fixtures and sconces with commercial theme and these may include pharmacy styles and amiable halogens. These lighting options are more expensive, and their estimated cost is about $400. If you don’t have the competency in installing these lighting fixtures, then you will have to hire the services of an electrician. The going rate of electricians is about $30 to 40. The total budget for your lighting fixtures and labor should not be more than $600.

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