DIY Dream Bed – Modern Bedroom Renovation for my Loft

Once you have finished drawing out your remodel plans the best thing that you can do is to write down everything that needs to be done. When writing down all of the jobs that need to be done, nothing is too small to be included on the list. You will want to include things such as washing the walls or filling in nail holes. Once you have completed each task on the list you will need to cross it off.

Knowing what you need to do is only part of remodeling the bedroom, what comes next is the actual remodel of the bedroom. To start the remodel off right you will want to choose the colors that will work best for your bedroom. When deciding on the colors you want to consider the color paint that you are using, but also the bed linens and window coverings.

You want all of the colors to match, so think about everything at once. What is nice about this is if you are not replacing the bed linens you can choose a new paint color that will coordinate with the stuff that you already have. Something else to think about when choosing the color is the lighting of the room, if it is well lit you will have more choices than if it is poorly lit. Once you have decided on the color you will want to paint the walls of your bedroom.

The next area that you want to tackle is the carpet. You will need to decide if you want to keep the old carpet that is in the room or replace it with something else. Many times a good carpet cleaning service can work wonders for you for very little cost. Truth be told carpet is becoming outdated; more people are switching to hardwood flooring.

If you elect to go with hardwood flooring you can pay the expense of having somebody come in and replace the floors for you with genuine hardwood floors, this can get rather pricey. Your other option is to choose laminate click flooring, much cheaper than real wood floors, and you can install it yourself. When choosing the flooring you will want to consider the color of the flooring, lighter woods make your room appear more spacious, but classical colors simply look amazing.

Once everything is done, you will need to move the furniture back into the bedroom. When moving the furniture back into the bedroom you will want to refer to the plan that you created or you can simply arrange the furniture until you find the look that you are happy with.

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